• VMware Secures and Enables Users on Android Enterprise, Chrome OS, and Google Cloud


    VMware and Google have partnered since the beginning of Android in the enterprise and have continued to build robust support for mobile workers and enterprises. This partnership has expanded to include industry-first Chrome OS management to deliver apps, security, and advanced capabilities from a unified location through VMware Workspace ONE, powered by VMware AirWatch technology. Beyond the digital workspace, VMware is partnering with Google Cloud Platform to deliver an open platform to ensure consistent deployment, operations, and security for cloud-native applications across multi-cloud environments.


    Google Cloud VMware Solution

    Google Cloud VMware Solution by Cloud Simple allows companies to run their VMware workloads in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), providing customers with choice and flexibility to run VMware workloads on-premises, in a hybrid architecture, or in the cloud.

    Google Cloud VMware solution will leverage VMware Cloud Foundation, which includes VMware vSphere, vSAN and NSX, deployed as a service and managed by CloudSimple, a VMware Cloud Verified partner.

    Customers will be able to migrate VMware workloads to Cloud Foundation running in GCP, benefiting from GCP strengths such as cloud data analytics, AI and ML capabilities and their scalable infrastructure and global network.

    VMware and Google?Partner on A Hybrid Cloud for Application Platform and Development Teams


    VMware and Google Cloud partnered so that mutual customers will be able to run distributed, cloud-native applications across Google Cloud and on-premises environments with VMware NSX Service Mesh and SD-WAN by Velocloud.?

    Built on Istio, NSX Service Mesh extends the functionalities of Istio service mesh technology to bring visibility, control, and security at the application layer to microservices. SD-WAN by Velocloud, seamlessly and securely extends on-premises infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Customers can simplify, automate and optimize network connections from their premises to the cloud, and deliver a consistent operational experience.

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    Simplify hybrid deployments with VMware NSX Service Mesh and Google Cloud Services

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    Chrome OS and VMware Workspace ONE powered by AirWatch

    VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon provides a consumer-simple experience to securely enable access to Chrome OS devices from a unified console. Workspace ONE enables IT to deploy apps and policies from a unified console alongside all other endpoints and provides unified access to all apps including Chrome Apps and cloud, web and virtual apps with enterprise-grade security. Workspace ONE essentially transforms a Chromebook into a dedicated VMware Workspace ONE device, integrating access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management.

    Connect your employees to the cloud with Google Chrome and VMware Links

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    Mobilizing Healthcare with VMware and Google

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    Android Management by VMware Workspace ONE powered by AirWatch

    In order to support today's enterprise requirements, Google has introduced Android enterprise, with two separate management approaches: "work profile mode" for employee owned devices and fully managed device mode for corporate owned devices. Google has recognized VMware as an Android Enterprise Recommended EMM.?


    Workspace ONE provides holistic device management that integrates with Android to empower mobility across use cases by deploying a work profile or work managed device to separate work and personal apps and data while providing data security and end-user privacy. This enables admins to easily configure and monitor their Android and Chrome OS device fleet from one location.


    How VMware & Google Make Android Devices Ready for the Enterprise

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    Learn how VMware and Google have joined forces to deliver a connected, immersive retail experience

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    To learn more about the VMware and Google alliance, and related joint offerings, please email Heather Raymond at hraymond@vmware.com .

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